TV Show Reviews

I am slightly addicted to TV shows, and often get asked my opinion on them. It occurred to me that I may as well share them here on my blog.

In this section, I will be letting you know what’s hot in terms of shows from across The Atlantic, and in our very own green and pleasant land.

Watch this space…

Love and Hip Hop (American Production)

Game of Thrones (American Production)

Seasons so far: 1

Game of Thrones is based on George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series of fantasy novels. It is a medieval period drama, however the most of its cast are English or Irish. It is absolutely fantastic. It is not for the faint hearted as there is quite a lot of violence, blood and gore but this is no way over-compensates for a shoddy plot. Without giving too much away, there are Seven Kingdoms of Westeros each governed by noble families with one King sitting on the Iron Throne; the seat most of these families want to occupy (and will kill to do so). The series follows the inevitable betrayals, court life, secrets, and intertwining relationships of these families, with the added complexity of the continuous imminent threat of the Wildlings, in addition to the warring and traitorous families and the impending threat of Winter. You see in Westeros, Winters can last a lifetime, and Summers can span decades (as stated by the HBO site), and it is in the depths of these Winters that the creatures that all inhabitants of Westeros (including Wildlings) are united in overwhelming fear against, surface; the White Walkers. A horrifying glimpse of what these White Walkers do is shown in Season 1 episode 1, after that it is left to our imagination, and the manner in which they are tremblingly referred to by the characters, helps to add to the terrifying sense of suspense and expectation reinforced by the gravely spoken repetition of this phrase throughout the season ‘Winter is coming’.

Season 2 of Game of Thrones is scheduled for viewing in April 2012. I fervently suggest catching up with Season 1 in the mean time. It is definitely worth it. If you are a reader, I suggest reading the books too. I have just started the first book. I look forward to seeing what ‘Winter’ has in store…

Sherlock Holmes (British Production)

Seasons so far: 1, 2

For a set of stories that have endured many television representations over the years, what the BBC did with it was nothing short of outstanding. Season 1 was surprisingly brilliant, and Season 2 shockingly so, as it is not often that a second season of any programme lives up to the class of the first. I would even go so far as to say that Season 2 quite frankly surpassed Season 1. What is so great about this particular adaptation is the way in which it incorporates staples of the modern era such as social networking, smart phones, impressive special effects and is itself based in the 21st Century. If someone had told me that this was the concept beforehand, I would have never believed it possible let alone believable.

Sherlock endears himself to you with his annoyingly arrogant, obsessive compulsive and socially inept ways punctuated with sharp wit and humour that leaves you laughing with incredulity at the audacity of him at times. Kudos to the character of Watson too who endures many a direct barb from Sherlock, yet displays fierce loyalty and a sense of dry wit himself. I have only high praise for Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. They are a phenomenal duo as Sherlock and Watson and have really revived Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s creations and made them thrilling for those who may not be so partial to reading. The only complaint I have is that each season was only 3 episodes. However, perhaps that is why it is so brilliant; the storylines are not dragged out for the sake of audience figures so the best writing is concentrated in three mind-blowing episodes.

Season 2 has just finished, and there is confirmation that there will be a Season 3. I look forward to it. I recommend acquiring the box sets!

Luther (coming soon…)

Boardwalk Empire (coming soon…)

Other shows well worth a crack:

Grey’s Anatomy (Currently on Season 8 but start from Season 1, it is more than worth it)

The Good Wife (Currently on Season 3)

Downton Abbey (Season 2 just finished)


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