God forgives, the internet don’t


We live in a culture where there is almost a savage thrill which comes with exposing other’s folly, stupidity, insensitivity, or down-right polluted opinions. Recently it seems like this kind of action has become the bread and butter of some individual’s/group’s social media fame achievements, and the most cunning of all have even managed to monetize it *ahem* TMZ.

It’s got me thinking. It’s got me thinking about sometimes there are things said online that need exposure, correction, challenging and perhaps a controlled chastisement or two (e.g. unprovoked personal attacks). But it’s also got me thinking about what happens after the fact; to the person in the firing line, and the snipers doing the shooting. Continue reading


How not to destroy your future prospects due to social media

I don’t even have any preamble for this post. It is what it is. There’s been a really concerning trend and level of disclosure of personal information that I’ve witnessed on social media recently, and it alarmed me. A couple of things to consider:
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A Drive-By

This post is literally what it says on the tin. I’ve been busy recently and I haven’t really had time to structure a new post in my usual way, but I still wanted to share a few unsophisticated thoughts, observances and small small shade.

Area one : Life-changing realisation

My ‘life-changing’ realisation is the beauty and importance of quality time with yourself in silence. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately by technology to the point it was making me irritable, not because I resented those I was communicating with, rather the method we were using. I began to feel like a crack addict who desperately wants to give it all up but doesn’t know how. I realised that I didn’t even know how to sit in silence without a computer on, show playing, phone pinging/ringing for more than a few minutes. I’d start reading a book, but then I’d be checking my phone, then I’d get into a conversation, and the time I had appointed for book reading alone would be swallowed up before I knew it. Frustration central. So…I decided to start to let some calls go to voicemail, reply to messages later when I felt like it, and not monitor my social media channels so doggedly. Moral of the story is, I was able to expand myself in other areas, I mentally felt better and uplifted, and I was able to enjoy and cherish silence. The peace of it all helped me counteract the negative energy I sometimes had due to feeling like I had no time to think for myself, which at times was developing into muted anxiety. My advice to everyone is to cultivate the habit of regular time-outs for yourself. And learn how to say ‘no’ when you’re overloaded. Your mental state will thank you for it.

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Black Twitter

To myself, and I know a significant portion of friends, “Black Twitter” is largely known for this:

–       Spectacularly crafted insults.

–       Spontaneous campaigns of insults. Target? Everyone is at risk.

–       Inevitably lame and predictable attempts to better insults.

–       Give it an inch in banter, and it will take a mile and turn it into a V Festival mud bath of gossip, lies and defamation of character.

–       A point-blank shooting range

–       Mayhem

–       Twitter Hell

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Big City, Small World

In the past as a black person, you could inhabit the metropolis of London and the only people who would know your name, date of birth, and location, was your mother, your father, your grandparents and a few close friends. Not so in 2013.

I argue from a perspective that where previously it used to be somewhat endearing and a nice little surprise to discover you had mutual friends (cue squeals and smiles of pleasure), it is increasingly becoming a hindrance to progress and something of a ball and chain (cue wariness masked with a polite ‘Oh. That’s great’). Why? Because of the minority nature of the community in the first place, combined with the fact that people love to talk about one another. And what do gossips love best? Bad news, scandal and defamation of character.

Nothing travels faster and with more relish than these three elements, and the recent surge in the use of social networking, has the ability to amplify any such themed information tenfold, and to spread it to every corner of the earth, even to a gecko languishing in the bark of a tree in the very middle of the Amazon rainforest.

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Social Stalkers


By way of introduction and without sliding too much into vastly recycled rhetoric about Social Media, it is safe to say that it has its pros and cons. I’ve even written about this before in Social Suicide.

However, just when I thought about every avenue of surprise at how people utilise it had been exhausted, a few conversations and months later, I have found myself more than a few times left in awe at the scale of and intricate in-depth analysis some people have managed to drag out of what is essentially not more than a sentence, or a photo.

I’m talking about some FBI, dot-to-dot, chronological mental archiving of things I have written or done on social media, being regurgitated to me like the food I ate last week…fully intact. No crumbs missing.

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