Freewrites 5

It’s been 4 years since I started this blog. Ordinarily that would be a cause for celebration but I just have so many…


When will a black body be equal to a white one?

When will justice deign to include every race and not just one?

When will we be allowed the right to express our fury, anger and frustration without being labelled as the ‘savages’ that they always knew we were?

Why do they always require the expression of our pain to be muted, strangled & DIGNIFIED?

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Unapologetic 5

On yer bike!

This week marked the ignominious departure of Manchester United manager David Moyes in a blaze of derision, scorn, and religious praise.

I feel conflicted about this, because even though he had it coming (breaking records of failure to the extent only the ‘specialist in failure’ has excelled him), I’m not quite sure he deserved the level of abuse he got since his departure. Social media in particular, has been unrepentant in the fervour of its attack, and when you have betting franchises adding to the insult with stunts like this:moyes-statue_ft Caption: David Moyes, For services to Liverpool Football Club

you have to start calling it what it is…[cyber] bullying/vindictive.
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The Help


I read this book having already watched the film about a year before. It has been a sort of habit of mine that if I do watch a film and I’m impressed by it, I will read the book too out of interest to see how purely the storyline has been adhered to. Or just for fun. Needless to say, I loved the film when I saw it, and so I was excited to read the book.

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