Freewrites 5

It’s been 4 years since I started this blog. Ordinarily that would be a cause for celebration but I just have so many…


When will a black body be equal to a white one?

When will justice deign to include every race and not just one?

When will we be allowed the right to express our fury, anger and frustration without being labelled as the ‘savages’ that they always knew we were?

Why do they always require the expression of our pain to be muted, strangled & DIGNIFIED?

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Black Ambassadors


There’s something that has always intrigued me when observing the reactions of some of the people in my racial group. Common occurrences and incidences that have at times entertained me, bemused me, or concerned me. What am I talking about? I’m talking about the seeming compulsion by a large enough proportion of the black community, tending to see black people in a role of prominence, as a reflection on the black race as a whole, as opposed to representing their individual self. Furthermore, the expectations on the persons concerned that come with that mentality. I don’t want this to be a waffle so I’ll focus on a few key examples.

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