Summertime Self-Care

Back at it again with the travel posts! I swear that’s all I have the energy for these days. To be honest there’s lots I could have blogged about so far, but I prefer to micro-blog it on my personal Twitter and Facebook as I don’t want to deal with ignorance or trolling in my comments. I’m finding that even on those platforms I’m still dealing with the wildest ignorance, and that’s largely from people I know, let alone inviting the whole internet to spin my spirit. The world is in a dark era right now, and even as a social commentator, you need to work out for yourself when to speak, where to speak, and what to speak. And above all, how to do all of that whilst protecting your mind from repetitive negativity. For now, in this particular space, I’m choosing to share carefree things; things that hopefully inspire people to know that all these issues may consistently be attempting to drown you, but there will always be days where you’ll be able to get up and swim, and on those days you need front crawl to your place of peace.

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Fala Inglês?

In April I took a long weekend solo trip to Porto in Portugal.

Why Porto?

I knew from last year that I wanted to visit Portugal, and for a long time it seemed as if it wouldn’t happen, but things worked out. Initially when I thought of going, I did consider going to Lisbon…but only for a split second. Why? Because in my mind I can go to Lisbon anytime. And that’s a key component about when I choose to go somewhere solo; it has to be somewhere that I most likely wouldn’t visit again and is unique enough to be worth a visit. Porto fit the bill for me. Up until the moment I got there I didn’t know what I would be doing aside from making sure I visited the beach, and doing a cursory glance at the metro map to make sure I knew where to get off and get to where I was staying.


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