Freewrites 4

No Time Like The Present

So Pastor has just preached a meaningful and poignant message. My notes are like super hot fire. Arms are waving, bodies upstanding, hands clapping, and the entire congregation has just made the Jericho-wall-tumbling declaration – “God will perfect everything that concerns me!’. Now for the dreaded part – the bit where we have to say it to our neighbour.

I turn to the left, I meet his eye, and say it with as little awkwardness as I can help, and I return my face forwards. Job done. I ignore the snapshot I had of a familiar small smile creeping up the side of his mouth.

I sense movement, and out of the corner of my eye I see a torso lean forward, then to the right.

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A Dog’s Life

A dog starts walking alongside me like it’s my companion.

I stop, look down at it and say ‘What do you want?’

It looks up at me.

I stare down at it.

I narrow my eyes.

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Principles and Porcupines

The Backdrop

In the past few months I have witnessed some curious, at times altogether amusing, personality switches in some of the people around me. The scene usually plays out a little something like this:

Aforementioned person 1 is talking to me, ever so sweetly and amiably, we’re laughing and joking, butter couldn’t melt in the blazing heat of day…..then, along wanderers person 2. This person proceeds to do something that could perhaps be perceived as mildly annoying (if one is having a very very bad day), but not altogether as pivotal as say the collapse of the Roman Empire……or is it? Because this is what happens….

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