God forgives, the internet don’t


We live in a culture where there is almost a savage thrill which comes with exposing other’s folly, stupidity, insensitivity, or down-right polluted opinions. Recently it seems like this kind of action has become the bread and butter of some individual’s/group’s social media fame achievements, and the most cunning of all have even managed to monetize it *ahem* TMZ.

It’s got me thinking. It’s got me thinking about sometimes there are things said online that need exposure, correction, challenging and perhaps a controlled chastisement or two (e.g. unprovoked personal attacks). But it’s also got me thinking about what happens after the fact; to the person in the firing line, and the snipers doing the shooting. Continue reading

Freewrites 5

It’s been 4 years since I started this blog. Ordinarily that would be a cause for celebration but I just have so many…


When will a black body be equal to a white one?

When will justice deign to include every race and not just one?

When will we be allowed the right to express our fury, anger and frustration without being labelled as the ‘savages’ that they always knew we were?

Why do they always require the expression of our pain to be muted, strangled & DIGNIFIED?

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Okay, so I decided that it’s not every issue that requires a breakdown covering one whole blog piece, so consider this my new series. In this ‘Unapologetic’ series, I will be putting down my opinions on recent issues in a brief format, you guessed it…unapologetically. Ergo, don’t read these pieces expecting a comprehensive exploration of all sides of the story…ain’t nobody got time for that. This is my undiluted opinion.

1. Horsemeat Burgers (http://bbc.in/S2uoIj)

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You Watch Your Christianity & I’ll Watch Mine

It has sometimes irked me, over the past few months, to see and hear fantastically snide and superior displays of behaviour, by Christians against other Christians due to a difference of Biblical opinion, lifestyle opinion, or opinion full stop.

The reason why these displays have annoyed me is that they overwhelmingly have failed to take into account or be sensitive to the different spiritual levels each individual is at. It would appear in some cases the sole objective is to make the intended target feel like a raging bull in a Spanish bull pit; indignant with fury at being provoked, unaware of the impending slaughter and death that awaits it. I use this analogy because when these ‘differences’ are handled inappropriately, it can lead to spiritual death in some people via bitterness, resentment and a corrupted opinion of Christians and Christianity. It is almost as if there is an unwritten code that goes by the heading ‘The Christian’s Version Of Christianity’ the two most important laws which encapsulate every other law being:

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