Twisted Choices, Backwards Gratitude & Appreciation Games

I used to have this childish thing I would do where I would imagine myself in opposing circumstances and ask myself which would I pick (if I could choose), over the other. It was always a comparison between two crude scenarios. Strictly hot or cold stuff. No lukewarm loopholes. A choice had to be made.

An example, is whether I would prefer to be blind or be deaf. Or if I would prefer to never be able to walk or have no hands. Or if I would prefer to be beautiful and dumb, or intelligent and culturally ugly. The list goes on. 

I can’t explain why or when I started doing this. I can only attempt to reason. 

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I think it’s only in the past year or so that I have truly begun to understand the importance of vocally and practically showing appreciation and thanks for those who have been there for you and have made a positive impact in your life. These thoughts were usually things that I held dear to my heart. However as I was thinking of what I wanted to write to end the year, and struggling between a self-indulgent poem and a random short story, it struck me that if there was one lasting impression that this entire year has had on me, it’s one of overwhelming gratefulness. And aside from thanking God, first and foremost who has been the orchestrator of every good thing, He has most definitely placed some exceptional people in my life, new and old, who he has used to give me in abundance a lot of what I don’t deserve; love, peace, understanding, comedy, a listening ear, encouragement, chastisement (yes!), wisdom and education.

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