Freewrites 5

It’s been 4 years since I started this blog. Ordinarily that would be a cause for celebration but I just have so many…


When will a black body be equal to a white one?

When will justice deign to include every race and not just one?

When will we be allowed the right to express our fury, anger and frustration without being labelled as the ‘savages’ that they always knew we were?

Why do they always require the expression of our pain to be muted, strangled & DIGNIFIED?

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Black Twitter

To myself, and I know a significant portion of friends, “Black Twitter” is largely known for this:

–       Spectacularly crafted insults.

–       Spontaneous campaigns of insults. Target? Everyone is at risk.

–       Inevitably lame and predictable attempts to better insults.

–       Give it an inch in banter, and it will take a mile and turn it into a V Festival mud bath of gossip, lies and defamation of character.

–       A point-blank shooting range

–       Mayhem

–       Twitter Hell

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Big City, Small World

In the past as a black person, you could inhabit the metropolis of London and the only people who would know your name, date of birth, and location, was your mother, your father, your grandparents and a few close friends. Not so in 2013.

I argue from a perspective that where previously it used to be somewhat endearing and a nice little surprise to discover you had mutual friends (cue squeals and smiles of pleasure), it is increasingly becoming a hindrance to progress and something of a ball and chain (cue wariness masked with a polite ‘Oh. That’s great’). Why? Because of the minority nature of the community in the first place, combined with the fact that people love to talk about one another. And what do gossips love best? Bad news, scandal and defamation of character.

Nothing travels faster and with more relish than these three elements, and the recent surge in the use of social networking, has the ability to amplify any such themed information tenfold, and to spread it to every corner of the earth, even to a gecko languishing in the bark of a tree in the very middle of the Amazon rainforest.

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Love & Hip Hop

[N.B. If you are not up to date with episodes in Season 2, this review may reveal some spoilers]

This show barely needs an introduction. Its reputation is infamous and it’s not hard to see why. I love good quality American shows, and getting caught up in this was definitely like opting for Chick Chicken instead of KFC. However, I looked at it this way; last year Single Ladies was my guilty pleasure for 2011 (a show I won’t be returning too, please God help me to keep that promise); in 2012 I decided for Love & Hip Hop to fill that category…and I have not regretted it.

It is the most appalling, infuriating, disgraceful and downright addictive American reality TV show I have ever watched.

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Loud Black People


I’m wondering how much of an introduction I really need to give. Goodness knows if I was speaking this, someone would have shouted over me already, before I even finished the title. You know the type…they won’t wait for you to pause for an intake of a semi-breath, nor even have the decency to tell you ‘shut up’ before they interrupt, they will just ‘intercede’ & start talking (about something totally different usually pertaining to them), like you were just sitting there like Casper the friendly ghost on mute.

The Meat of the Matter

Who are the people who do this? I’m sorry to say, but in the near quarter of a century that I’ve been alive, my anthropological studies socialising, has shown me that the vast majority of offenders are black people.

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How To Portray Black People

A letter from the Editor-In-Chief of Politically Correct:

Dear colleagues,

It has come to my attention, that there seems to be an endemic disregard for the portrayal of black people in some of the material that is being handed in for publication and/or presentation. As Editor-In-Chief of this highly esteemed media enterprise, I felt strongly moved to address with promptness and clarity, the standard of the quality of work we should all be endeavouring to reach.

It is time to smash down restrictive, discriminatory and ignorant racial stereotypes and show the world that we are a forward thinking enterprise embracing change and diversity. It is time to show our intrinsically world-leading role in this movement towards a society of equality, tolerance and respect, and that we are not of that ilk of society that wishes to move not, but instead be dragged into enlightenment by the scruff of their necks, fat with rolls of bigotry.

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