How To Prevent Being Dragged Into Awkward Personal Conversations On Public Transport

Let me get this out of the way first… Happy New Year!

Moving on….

The title I feel is pretty self-explanatory. But as always, I never take for granted the fact that not everyone sees things the way I do, ergo I will break this down the usual way…


This post was 100% inspired by a phone conversation I heard a young man having with his friend on the train, one day after work. He was sitting opposite me in a 4-seater seating area. It started off mundane enough, something about how we British need to appreciate being able to travel around Europe, we go to all these fancy places when we have so many countries around us, Australians and Americans are jealous of this mobility we have blah blah blah. Then the conversation took a turn.

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A Dog’s Life

A dog starts walking alongside me like it’s my companion.

I stop, look down at it and say ‘What do you want?’

It looks up at me.

I stare down at it.

I narrow my eyes.

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