Ba wo ni and Salaam Alaikum

It’s been a while since I wrote a proper post so hello and thanks for sticking with me. I have many excuses, two of which I’ll be expanding on in this post 🙂

I need travel, and travel needs me…at least that’s what I tell myself, and so in the months of May, June and rounding up in July, I went to the continent (Hi Raven Simone) of Africa for the first time. ‘What?!’ I hear you say. Yeah…don’t @ me, I don’t want to explain.

The first place I went to was Nigeria.


Like I said, this was my first time going, and as soon as I landed in Mohammed Murtala International Airport, I thought ‘I really fit in here’ hahaha. I went for a family wedding, and people kept asking me ‘How does it feel? Is it a culture shock?’ and my response was ‘No’. Listen, when you grow up as a Nigerian, though nothing compares to actually being in Nigeria, everything else is the same; the language, the haggling, the culture…etc. Literally it’s just a shift in location.

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Freewrites 6

tired woman with coffee and air horn

I feel like I need a mental break on a regular basis, and I’m wondering is it just me or a symptom of my generation? Are we just lazy and weak?

Our parents were the kind that worked 2, 3 even 4 jobs at a time, with years going by without a holiday, yet never complained or took ‘time out’ or ‘sabbaticals’.

In my generation, we have one or two holidays a year and we are being diagnosed with depression, exhaustion, burn out etc in the thousands.

Of course the other element of it is maybe our parents did feel like that and just said nothing.

I don’t know.

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You Don’t Have To Be Rich

This post is inspired by the fact that sometimes people ask me ‘how the hell did you afford to spend all that?’ with a look that suggests I must be doing something illegal on the side. They don’t rate. Or like what they see when they look at me is this:

I am by no means a professional financial advisor, I’m just sharing some of the things that have helped me. So don’t go and make drastic decisions and say I told you to. I didn’t tell you to do jack diddly doo da mate.

Now on to the main to stuff…

My initial 3 key tips when you’re thinking of spending or managing your money are these

1. Don’t watch what other people are spending
2. Don’t watch what other people are spending.

You don’t know how they got that money. How hard they had to work for it, if they inherited it, if they got it by dubious means, etc. It doesn’t even matter. It’s not your business. Don’t get caught up in a hype.

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Další Zastávkou Praha

Where and why

As you guys probably already know, I try to do at least one solo European trip each year (or at least a European trip), and this year’s destination was Czech Republic. Prague to be precise. Shoutout to BA on Facebook for enabling me to get the package deal of life. It was actually cheaper altogether than any European trip I’ve ever done – and I’m usually on that budget airline and hostel tip O_O – so yeah…within approximately 5-15 minutes of seeing it advertised, I’d bought and booked my trip.


Tram stop off Wencelas Square

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My Top 10 Vimeo Picks

Happy New Year! New year, new URL Tra la la! Bookmark that. 🙂

Not a traditional post

This isn’t something I usually do with y’all but who makes the rules anyway? Me. I do. And I wanted to share.

So I’ve been watching quite a few shorts on Vimeo recently due to the lull in my regular shows coming back to broadcast (too many of them take the Christmas break too seriously, why am I waiting a month for a new episode?!) and wanted to share with you my top 10 best. In all honesty I have so much more than 10 favourites, but I’m aware of the fact that anything more than 10 video links for folk to watch can be a bit overwhelming. Maybe I’ll come back and share the rest later.

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Survival Toolkit For 21st Century Blacks

1. Don’t make a mistake. Ever. Your mortality could depend on it.

2. Don’t play with/carry anything that marginally resembles a weapon. Even if it is quite clearly a toy. In your hand it’s a weapon.

3. As soon as you are born, you are a threat. Male or female, child or adult, you’re all the same and you will be eliminated if you breathe out of line.

4.There is no amount of education you can pump yourself with to wipe out racial prejudice against your blackness. When it comes down to it, a gun does not distinguish between who has a degree and who doesn’t. If you’re on that mountaintop, ski down it.

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Burger @ Haché

In the beginning, there was the burger…
As an introduction, I feel it’s important to mention that when it comes to food, I have three commandments that I live by:

1. Eat Cake
2. Eat Ice-Cream
3. Eat Burgers

hence why any food post on this blog will most likely be fundamentally based on one of the above. If you follow me on instagram, you probably didn’t need me to spell that out as a small proportion of my ~1300 pics are of burgers, cakes and ice-cream. I mean…I only just realised this the other day. I’m that deeply entrenched in my own matrix. But really…if you cannot respect at least one of those commandments dont @ me, we will never see eye to eye, we can never be friends. I have spoken. Selah.

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