10 years, 4 months, 7 days and 3 hours 

He’d been getting on her nerves. She’d asked him to do some simple chores; mow the lawn, clean the garden up, wash the car, iron the family clothes and feed his younger siblings their dinner so she could rest after a hard day’s work. He’d done them, but not with the speed nor alacrity she’d liked, and now he was complaining that he was tired.

She whips around suddenly and he sees an expression on her face he’s never seen before, as she spits out ‘You’re a spoilt apple just like your father. You should be grateful you’re even here. No-one wanted you. I was the only one that took you in. Not because I wanted to, but because I had to because no-one else wanted to. You look just like him, and you act just like him. He broke us, he destroyed us, he robbed us, he shattered all our lives…because of you?!’ The last word is spat out with such venom, Cassius jumps back, and freezes. Continue reading

Something A Little Bit Different

This week I decided to spice up my twitter timeline a little, inspired by Teju Cole’s infamous Small Fates series. I remember reading them at the time and wondering how anyone managed to pack so much emotion and drama into 140 characters. It was pure brilliance. So I decided to challenge myself and see what I could do.

It really just started as a test to see if I could do a few general stories and make them sound even marginally coherent. But as I came to the end of my first bunch on Monday morning, I thought ‘Yolo’, and decided to carry on for the rest of the week every morning. It was a nice distraction from the predictable rages of the morning commute and a good challenge.

In terms of difficulty, at first it was quite difficult to come up with several stories in the space of 30-40 minutes, but I found the more I did them, the easier it became. Continue reading


I am Erica.

And I would like to tell you about my sister Elaine.

We are closer than any other twins I know. When she smiles, it’s like I am the completion of that smile, we are two in one. Of course we do the typical twin things like finishing each other’s sentences, but the bond we have is stronger than that. We share most things because we have to, but we share our minds because we want to.

In school I don’t want to sit next to anyone other than Elaine, and I never have. A lot of times, schools try to separate twins because they feel they will distract each other, but we have always done our best work right beside each other. We are the top of our class.

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Justice: Part 3

Justice: Part 1

Justice: Part 2

The next few months went in a blur. Every week he attended church. Every week was like a removed experience. He had no clue what he was doing there, just a sense that it was better for him to be there. He could barely focus on the sermons such were the nightmares still ravaging his consciousness. He kept being told that he was saved, but he didn’t understand it, didn’t understand how it was possible. The condemnation of his own mind weighed heavily down upon him. He was a murderer. There was no taking that back and if these people knew that, then surely they would realise that he was lost forever and stop being kind to him. He didn’t want that to happen, he couldn’t bear for that to happen, so he got into a routine of playing the part all the while wishing to have the security of faith that they seemed to have.

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Justice: Part 2

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The overwhelming sense of freedom that she had felt in that moment, teetering on the precarious line between life and death, served to suddenly and unexpectedly scatter her thoughts, just as the strong gust of wind scattered the strands of her fine hair which now whirled about her and stuck to her face like a disordered cobweb. Memories that had lain locked in dark archives of her mind erupted to the fore; her personal grief, her family’s grief for her sake, and her fiancé’s family’s utter despair at a life so casually dispensed with; how even though each of these groups’ relationship to her beloved differed to her own, yet all had been united by several threads which had led to the centre of it all; him. His exit and subsequently their unborn child’s, had caused a break in the web which could never be mended to be the same way again, thus it had been left, to collect dust. Dust was the most accurate term she could think of to describe her relationship right now with the other threads of the web. Both their families had tried to reach out to her, but her anguish had been the self-absorbed kind that allowed for no other participants, merely observers whose own spirits drained at the constant efforts to regenerate, till they simply stopped trying anymore for fear of becoming overwhelmed also.

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Justice: Part 1

She opened the door of her apartment block and was immediately assaulted by the sultry summer smells of flowers, barbeques and the scent of grass that had been caressed by sunlight since the early hours of the morning.

The sunlight dappled the pavement underneath her, the shaded areas the shadows of the leaves from the trees above, whose mahogany branches combined with the rich green leaves, pink blossoms and the glistening beams of sunlight, created a picture so stunning, the sight of it would have taken anyone’s breath away.

But she saw none of it…smelt none of it…for her focus was firmly fixed on the tragedies of her past, an unwelcome and unresisted ghost that had lain like a cloak over her for the past three years. Such was the clinginess of this company, it was hard for her to remember if she had ever lived life without this oppressive companion seemingly inching closer and closer to her every year to strangle every last breath of life that she had to breathe, till she and the ghost became synonymous. One. But yet she still lived. She still breathed. She was still here. But not because she wanted to be.

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The Grape Diaries

Fruit Paradise

‘Hello. Good evening and welcome to Really Absurd news. Our top story today: the decline in the purchases of grape as part of the five a day portion of fruit and vegetables for the Big Fat Mouths. Our reporter investigates what has caused this sudden unpopularity in exclusive interviews with ripening grapes and some Big Fat Mouths. Penny Pomegranate, over to you’

Pomegranate: The market has seen a remarkable shift in recent years in the popularity of grapes as one of the Big Fat Mouth’s five a day. Grapes which were once one of the third most popular fruits to buy are now the tenth selection of the Big Fat Mouths. As a result many unwanted grapes are lying in shop counters withering and dying naturally of old age. I interviewed a grape in Walmart, Mississippi, to ask it what it thought was behind this sudden phenomenon.

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