Burger @ Haché

In the beginning, there was the burger…
As an introduction, I feel it’s important to mention that when it comes to food, I have three commandments that I live by:

1. Eat Cake
2. Eat Ice-Cream
3. Eat Burgers

hence why any food post on this blog will most likely be fundamentally based on one of the above. If you follow me on instagram, you probably didn’t need me to spell that out as a small proportion of my ~1300 pics are of burgers, cakes and ice-cream. I mean…I only just realised this the other day. I’m that deeply entrenched in my own matrix. But really…if you cannot respect at least one of those commandments dont @ me, we will never see eye to eye, we can never be friends. I have spoken. Selah.

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Afternoon Tea At…


It’s been a minute and half since I wrote one of these posts, for the not so small fact I took an involuntary hiatus from Afternoon Tea, for what turned out to be over a year! As someone who loves cake, I don’t even know how I lived with myself.

The decision process

I was determined my comeback to afternoon tea could not be mediocre or normal. By that I mean I’ve had quite a few now, and some have been amazing, and others have been basic. Moreover I’d found a new resource (in addition to Travelzoo & various sites like Groupon and Wowcher) quite a while ago which could assist me in making better choice:

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Curlvolution 2014

So last week Saturday I attended my first ever natural hair event, honestly, purely out of curiosity. I think there can unfairly be a lot of negative perceptions when it comes to events or things involving natural hair and I just wanted to see for myself. And maybe get a few freebies. I’d just like to put it out there, this was such a nice event, great vendors and the headline act, so to speak, Taren Guy (Popular American YouTube natural hair vlogger), was absolutely lovely and was really positive and encouraging in practical ways. Also, I have never seen so many hat demn beautiful fros! The anointing was everywhere. Barely saw a struggle fro. Barely. In terms of openness, positivity, and non-judgment, Curlvolution gets a 10/10. Aside from one girl who during the Q&A at the end decided to throw out a hail Mary so to speak saying she thinks it’s ridiculous why women wear weave *cue uproar*, it was all good.
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How To Prevent Being Dragged Into Awkward Personal Conversations On Public Transport

Let me get this out of the way first… Happy New Year!

Moving on….

The title I feel is pretty self-explanatory. But as always, I never take for granted the fact that not everyone sees things the way I do, ergo I will break this down the usual way…


This post was 100% inspired by a phone conversation I heard a young man having with his friend on the train, one day after work. He was sitting opposite me in a 4-seater seating area. It started off mundane enough, something about how we British need to appreciate being able to travel around Europe, we go to all these fancy places when we have so many countries around us, Australians and Americans are jealous of this mobility we have blah blah blah. Then the conversation took a turn.

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A bit of a rant, a bit of a rave: Part 3

So this has been a long time coming bearing in mind the last part was about a year or two ago. I did promise to touch upon another subject, but I don’t really care about that anymore, and to be honest, I have an abundance of more contemporary issues I need to rant about.

TFL Etiquette

  • I might have woken up on the right side of the bed, had pretty birds chirping a sweet summer song through my window as I dressed, had a bad boy breakfast – the whole shebang, left the house in time and not in a sweaty frenzy of haste and lateness, mood so high I could touch the sky Kanye West style…BUT, having spent under 60 seconds on any form of London public transport, and more often than not, suddenly light turned to darkness, sunshine to lightening, singing to gnashing of teeth, and an angel (yes, I am. Don’t fight it), into a roaring lion. Why? Because it seems a lot of people still haven’t mastered the very basic art of TFL etiquette. Why do people still try to roll 3 deep on tube escalators? Am I a frog that I should be leaping over you to get to where I want to go, because you’re busy having a chat about nothing important? It’s very simple and straightforward – single file and stick to the right if you’re not really calorie counting and can afford the leisurely ascent upwards. If on the other hand you’re into taking practical steps against heart disease, stick to the left and keep *clap* it *clap* moving *clap*. Very simple.

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Freewrites 4

No Time Like The Present

So Pastor has just preached a meaningful and poignant message. My notes are like super hot fire. Arms are waving, bodies upstanding, hands clapping, and the entire congregation has just made the Jericho-wall-tumbling declaration – “God will perfect everything that concerns me!’. Now for the dreaded part – the bit where we have to say it to our neighbour.

I turn to the left, I meet his eye, and say it with as little awkwardness as I can help, and I return my face forwards. Job done. I ignore the snapshot I had of a familiar small smile creeping up the side of his mouth.

I sense movement, and out of the corner of my eye I see a torso lean forward, then to the right.

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Last week after mentioning to someone that I was obsessed with American TV shows, she made the recommendation to me to watch a 4 part drama that was currently on Channel 4 called ‘Run’.

Usually when it comes to British shows, I’m a bit apprehensive, but she did say it was ‘really good’, and to be honest, I have barely any American shows to watch, and I’ve felt restless about this, so I thought I’d give it a try.

And I’m so glad I did.

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