Audio Delight

Firstly…Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Easter! It has literally been that long, but you know how it is…life…writer’s block etc. In truth I didn’t completely stop writing, I just relocated my musings to a more abstract and free-writing space, another blog of mine – follow if you wish.

Now to cut to the chase – an approach that the older I get, the quicker I am employing it, and the more I appreciate those who don’t dibble and dabble in unnecessary waffle, expect shorter blog posts…maybe…

…this post is about what’s piqued my audio interest. It’s funny because I used to have a job where a significant proportion of each week was to produce, record, edit, and research podcasts. Was I listening to any at that point in time? Zip zero. Nada. Now if you’ve been following this blog awhile, you’ll know that I am the TV show fiend of fiends, I am basically the human embodiment of Sidereel. When it came to podcasts though, I was highly unmotivated to engage with any. Even after several recommendations of Serial.

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Because UK TV Shows Don’t Always Suck


If you know me, or have been with my blog since the beginning, you should by now know my absolute unrepentant bias towards US TV shows over UK ones. However, every so often (bar Sherlock, Luther and Downton Abbey) a UK show catches my eye with its unexpected quality and depth. Recently three aroused my curiosity, and now have my attention. They were all random finds that I came across and never had the explicit intent to watch. I didn’t see any adverts for them or hear about them from anyone else. Now for someone like me to take a chance with my very finite free time and invest in watching shows I have seen any trailers for and have no positive recommendations from trusted friends on them…it’s pretty deep. Especially when there are a plethora of US shows, highly recommended, that I am still to get my teeth into. In this post I just wanted to reveal them, give my thoughts on them, and if you’re a bit scornful of what the UK has to offer (like me), perhaps encourage you to be a bit more open-minded. Every so often, UK TV experiences a revival and I guess I just caught the spirit and want to pass it on.

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Curlvolution 2014

So last week Saturday I attended my first ever natural hair event, honestly, purely out of curiosity. I think there can unfairly be a lot of negative perceptions when it comes to events or things involving natural hair and I just wanted to see for myself. And maybe get a few freebies. I’d just like to put it out there, this was such a nice event, great vendors and the headline act, so to speak, Taren Guy (Popular American YouTube natural hair vlogger), was absolutely lovely and was really positive and encouraging in practical ways. Also, I have never seen so many hat demn beautiful fros! The anointing was everywhere. Barely saw a struggle fro. Barely. In terms of openness, positivity, and non-judgment, Curlvolution gets a 10/10. Aside from one girl who during the Q&A at the end decided to throw out a hail Mary so to speak saying she thinks it’s ridiculous why women wear weave *cue uproar*, it was all good.
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Last week after mentioning to someone that I was obsessed with American TV shows, she made the recommendation to me to watch a 4 part drama that was currently on Channel 4 called ‘Run’.

Usually when it comes to British shows, I’m a bit apprehensive, but she did say it was ‘really good’, and to be honest, I have barely any American shows to watch, and I’ve felt restless about this, so I thought I’d give it a try.

And I’m so glad I did.

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House of Cards

**No Spoilers**


Creator: Originally a BBC drama based on the novel by Michael Dobbs. American production is by Beau Willimon

Focus: Political drama with a focus on power, influence and corruption

Characters to watch:

Frank Underwood– Main protagonist, immoral, ambitious, conniving

Zoe Barnes – Reporter at The Washington Herald, young, ambitious, ballsy, Frank’s tutee

Seasons: 1(13 Eps)

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The Strivers Row present ‘The Exchange’

The Strivers 2

When it comes to mastering the art of poetry, or at least seemingly evolving the form itself for better with every piece that they do, I would say in my personal opinion, The Strivers Row are hands down the best performance collective I know of.

So Who Are The Strivers Row?

The Strivers Row are an American based award-winning collective comprising of poets, musicians, dramatists and performers, birthed in 2010. It consists of Alysia Harris, Jasmine Mans, Joshua Bennett, Carvens Lissaint, Zora Howard and Miles Hodges who specialize in spoken word. The most recent additions to the collective are the musically based Jennah Bell and Brandee Younger.

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