My Top 10 Vimeo Picks

Happy New Year! New year, new URL Tra la la! Bookmark that. 🙂

Not a traditional post

This isn’t something I usually do with y’all but who makes the rules anyway? Me. I do. And I wanted to share.

So I’ve been watching quite a few shorts on Vimeo recently due to the lull in my regular shows coming back to broadcast (too many of them take the Christmas break too seriously, why am I waiting a month for a new episode?!) and wanted to share with you my top 10 best. In all honesty I have so much more than 10 favourites, but I’m aware of the fact that anything more than 10 video links for folk to watch can be a bit overwhelming. Maybe I’ll come back and share the rest later.

Some of these are recent, some old, some really really old, some I have watched many times over, others only once, but I love them either because they are whacky, bizarre, brilliant, inspiring, moving, and/or challenging. There’s a wealth of underrated talented people out there, my gosh.

I won’t write blurbs as describing them would spoil it.

What are your favourites? And do you have any suggestions? Comment below.

In no particular order:

Yours Truly

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