Survival Toolkit For 21st Century Blacks

1. Don’t make a mistake. Ever. Your mortality could depend on it.

2. Don’t play with/carry anything that marginally resembles a weapon. Even if it is quite clearly a toy. In your hand it’s a weapon.

3. As soon as you are born, you are a threat. Male or female, child or adult, you’re all the same and you will be eliminated if you breathe out of line.

4.There is no amount of education you can pump yourself with to wipe out racial prejudice against your blackness. When it comes down to it, a gun does not distinguish between who has a degree and who doesn’t. If you’re on that mountaintop, ski down it.

5. If you see a police officer pretend you’re playing musical chairs and freeze. Do not…move…a muscle.

6. If a police officer tells you to raise your hands, do it in the slowest motion you can possibly manage. Please understand that this will not guarantee the preservation of your life, but your chances of living will be greater for it.

7. Don’t unnecessarily be out on the street. Whether during the day or at night. You are playing Russian Roulette as this is the police killing range.

8. If there is a police raid whilst you are in your house, cooperate if you get the opportunity to. Again, preservation of life not guaranteed.

9. In instances of injustice, you may only express anger that has been validated and consigned by white people. If it has not, you are a raving savage.

10. In fact, just don’t get angry. Take it as a given you are not allowed to.

11. If you die at the hands of police, it is totally unreasonable to expect legal justice here on earth. If they killed you, it must have been your fault.

12. If you are lucky enough to live in a country where ordinary police don’t carry guns, your survival rates will be higher, but you can still be killed. On the street, in a police van, in a prison cell, at home etc. Never forget.

13. Police aren’t the only people who can kill you indiscriminately. Remember that.

14. Lastly but by no means least, if possible, don’t be black. Don’t be black. Don’t be black.

15. P. S. Don’t be black.


Note: I wish I could tag all the people who have been killed unjustly and the families that have had no justice, but there’s not enough room. I don’t even know what more to say. Words have become redundant, and it is now time for action.

Yours Truly



3 thoughts on “Survival Toolkit For 21st Century Blacks

  1. It’s a shame that this is the reality, the black man has to lack personality and be a docile fish to stay alive in many societies. He faces threats from the law and even fellow blacks.

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