Unapologetic 6

No doubt it’s been an interesting past few weeks. Heck…year even…but let’s stick with the past few weeks for now.

I just really felt like sharing some of my opinions, despite my recent vow of abstinence in that department. Turns out…I like having my say, I like sharing it, and I like the risk of abuse that comes with it.

Scotland Decided
I was so happy about this…for about 2 seconds, after which I realised the sky high promises that had been made to ensure our unity as Great Britain. Admittedly, I did not follow any of the campaign. I just knew that some Scots wanted to be an independent country. As a person with family members who are Scots…but no. Let me not act like that in any way shape or form influenced my interest or lack thereof in this matter at all. That was almost my ‘but I have a friend who is black’ card. It doesn’t mean anything. Back to the matter, open and close…

Basically, I think the 3 parties have promised to the Scots what they have no hope in hell of achieving, and I suspect, never meant to deep down. When I was celebrating our continued union, and don’t get me wrong I am happy to be a part of the UK with the Scots involved, I thought it was back to business as usual. Like I said…I hadn’t been following the issue too tough. When I now read and watched and listened and discovered all what our PM proposes going forward, I realised #NothingWasTheSame. Literally I don’t know what is going to happen to this country/collection of countries. The future is so hideously uncertain, I would dare anyone to compare our government to the infamously considered disorganised & factious Nigerian one, and say ours is the superior. Whoever came up with the tag line ConDem government, was a pun genius, yet also spoke disaster into our future that is now manifesting. Every saint reading this, you need to reject it & cover it with the blood. I forgot Nick Clegg was still in the picture, I’m still confusing the Milibands, and even the devil is easier to believe than Cameron. And these people are coming together to lead the UK forward? *insert frantic grime instrumental* *credits* *fade to black*

Nudes & personal disasters

Listen. If y’all use the internet, you know what’s up. Please. My children. No matter the temptation…don’t…take uber sensitive pictures…on electronic devices. Ever. Ever ever ever ever ever ever ever. Because nothing is safe. Nothing. What will it take for you to learn? What is the “delete” button? I can tell you…decoration. It’s just there for banter. Whether at your expense or not, depends on who lays a hold of your devices or the servers where your ‘deleted’ info gets stored.

There’s so many sides to this thing. Personally, if I was a celebrity, there is no way I would use any kind of phone, tablet or camera for that stuff. Especially in a culture where TMZ prowls like a roaring lion seeking whomever it can to devour. But, should one lack the faculties to come to this plausible possibility…and your face appears CLEAR in the photos…don’t act like we all need to go to Specsavers…try to own it say “Yeh, it’s me. WHAT?”. Do you know how quickly the fuss would die down? There’s nothing more #next than a person that cannot be humbled into humiliation lol. It completely vaporises any power of the people that acquire and reveal these things through all manner of skulduggery. But…prevention is better than cure. I really hate reading stories of people who have been humiliated by exes or people that hate them because of pictures like these, but alas, such is the world we live in. If you already have stuff out ‘there’, no matter how safe or how much you trust the people with access to that information…yo…have a contingency plan for if that information ever gets out. In the words of one of my favourite Lion King songs…be prepared.

He knew what was up:

Yours Truly



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