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It’s been a minute and half since I wrote one of these posts, for the not so small fact I took an involuntary hiatus from Afternoon Tea, for what turned out to be over a year! As someone who loves cake, I don’t even know how I lived with myself.

The decision process

I was determined my comeback to afternoon tea could not be mediocre or normal. By that I mean I’ve had quite a few now, and some have been amazing, and others have been basic. Moreover I’d found a new resource (in addition to Travelzoo & various sites like Groupon and Wowcher) quite a while ago which could assist me in making better choice:

Yes! Such is the growing popularity of afternoon tea, there is now a complete website dedicated to fulfilling your every decadent cake desire. This site is amazing, and it’s where I selected to have an Indian Afternoon Tea. Whoop! I have to say I was largely influenced to go for afternoon tea with a twist based on my amazing last experience of Moroccan Afternoon Tea. This introduced me to the concept of alternative afternoon tea, and since then I’ve been searching for similar experiences.

So courtesy of a nice deal from afternoon tea, myself and a friend decided to catch up over a spot of afternoon tea in a lovely Indian Restaurant called Daawat located in Charing Cross.

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for…now the pictures will do the talking (click on them to see the cakes in large mouth-watering glory 🙂 )

DSC_0547 DSC_0549 DSC_0552 DSC_0553 DSC_0556 DSC_0557 DSC_0561 DSC_0563 DSC_0564


Yes lord! You should definitely give this place a try. My friend and I loved it, and we couldn’t even finish everything that was brought. if you know me, I was crying inside because I don’t leave food behind, but hey, it was that filling. It was to the extent that we literally spent about 4 hours eating and chatting and drinking tea. Some ladies who came after us and left before us, on their way out jokingly said “Are you ladies staying for dinner?” Haha. But let me give a bit more of a structured review.

Rudimental bits (marks out of 10)

Location: 10/10 – Tucked in a corner just off the Strand the location was perfect. Very close to transport links – Charing Cross, yet not busy. I will say we went during the day so that might be different on a weekend or evening.

Decor: 8/10 – You can see a little in my pictures, but it was a huge restaurant, very well laid out, with ambience for days. It’s situated next to a hotel (literally only a corridor separating them), so it’s probably used a lot by its guests. It had this gold ish kinda theme running through. Everything looked immaculate and perfect and had great seating in terms of if you wanted more private tables.

Service: 10/10 – No complaints whatsoever. Our waiter was attentive but not to the point it became overbearing. He was extremely good at anticipating our needs in terms of extra tea, before we had mouthed it, and left us to it to have a good chinwag.

Tea selection: 7/10 – All these places seem to have a penchant for Twinings tea. I don’t know if it’s me, but I don’t think Twinings tea is very special lol. Anyway, that was what was on offer and there was an extensive selection available. If I’m being honest I’m not really a tea person so my judgment comes from that place of bias.

Cake selection: 8/10 – I done told y’all already this was very good. So good we couldn’t even finish it. It was a mix of traditional afternoon tea cakes, and Indian treats. I don’t even know the names of what we ate. Most of the Indian things were great except for the round biscuit like treats seen in the pictures in the black bowl (not the Bombay mix). That’s the only thing we weren’t a fan of, but we really enjoyed the rest. The scones were warm and of the perfect texture to dollop the jam and cream on. Just remembering it makes me hungry lol.

As I said before, I highly recommend this afternoon tea. I’m always looking for purse-friendly new places to try afternoon tea, so if you have any suggestions that blew your mind, comment below, or contact me on Facebook or Twitter.

Yours Truly




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