Curlvolution 2014

So last week Saturday I attended my first ever natural hair event, honestly, purely out of curiosity. I think there can unfairly be a lot of negative perceptions when it comes to events or things involving natural hair and I just wanted to see for myself. And maybe get a few freebies. I’d just like to put it out there, this was such a nice event, great vendors and the headline act, so to speak, Taren Guy (Popular American YouTube natural hair vlogger), was absolutely lovely and was really positive and encouraging in practical ways. Also, I have never seen so many hat demn beautiful fros! The anointing was everywhere. Barely saw a struggle fro. Barely. In terms of openness, positivity, and non-judgment, Curlvolution gets a 10/10. Aside from one girl who during the Q&A at the end decided to throw out a hail Mary so to speak saying she thinks it’s ridiculous why women wear weave *cue uproar*, it was all good.

To be honest, due to several factors i.e. excitement, running around like a headless chicken with Debra Chosen, the hunt for freebies, the yolo vlogging, the bathroom snaps, the most pitiful lunch, the rain, the networking, the nearly stampede for a Beautiful Textures free product demonstrated on stage, the several side-eyes exchanged over dubious motivational advice, and the animal scramble for a photo with Taren Guy…I didn’t really have time to squeeze in that many good photos. Sigh. But I still did want to share what I had so y’all could get a feel of it and go next year.


The demonstration of Beautiful Textures ‘Naturally Straight’ product. Oh my goodness. The reaction to this was like giving crack to a recovering crack addict. There was a video demonstrating the trial by 3 ladies with natural hair who used this product to get their hair straight, then back to natural with no heat damage. These 3 ladies were brought on stage so we could all see the various ways in which the celebrity natural hair stylists Felicia Leatherwood and Pam Hogan had styled their hair using this product. They were then sent round the auditorium so anyone who wanted to cop a feel could. Guys. Ladies. Fellas. Hands were dipping in and out of those heads like a kid in a candy store. The hair of the girl on the far right of the photo I have of them below,  was the greatest hit. It looked amazing close up, and felt as soft as lamb’s wool. Yes I tapped that. And the USP of this product? Your hair can stay straight for up to 3 weeks with no further need to tong or hot comb your hair, and after that, it springs back like nothing happened. There was also a video of Felicia trying the method on popular YouTube natural hair ‘guru’ Chime Edwards’ hair. Yes. On all her Rapunzel hair. So if it had gone wrong…walahi. I think this video sold people the most to be honest.

Mayyyn. There’s a point in the video where she does a slow mo hair flick. The reaction of the ladies in the room was priceless. There was like a universal cry sigh of deep longing, combined with envy, combined with looks of kids that want the damn candy NOW. So hilarious.

Anyway, after this demonstration, a rep then told the auditorium that they were giving this item out for free at the Beautiful Textures stand. Well…you know what happened next right? So many people actually ran or attempted to run out of the door to grab one, that the doors had to be barred. That was the beginning and end of the free offer. LOL moment of the event. The MC of the event quickly got on the stage and then kind of, in my opinion, tried to guilt trip people into paying for it by saying the money will go to charity -_-. That was an awkward moment. Some however, were given out to people in the audience who volunteered for a task.

Anyway, enough gist, this was basically meant to be a picture post. Here we go:


The excitement to see Taren was real


Taren asking these women what they’d change about their hair, why, and what do they like best about each other’s hair


Beautiful Textures rep and celebrity natural hair stylists Felicia Leatherwood and Pam Hogan


Audience member making her memories immortal.


The three ladies who trialled the Beautiful Textures “Naturally straight” product. The hair of the girl in the white tee on the far right was so BEAUTIFUL. So many people loved how her hair was styled (product applied, blow-dried, put in cornrows, then undone. Basically a braid out.)


Caribbean company Afro Deity’s stand. They specialise in hair and beauty.


During lunch whilst everyone was out scavenging for freebies and buying products at the stands.


The Meen Clothing stall selling African print inspired jewellery. I bought one of the African continent earrings and some other small ones. I loved this stand.


More from the Meen Clothing stall.


The ACLT were at Curvolution too and gave a great presentation. If you’re not on the register, consider it, and hopefully sign up. You never know, it could be you that needs that help. All that’s required is a simple saliva swab. Find more info here


The freebie I did manage to get from Beautiful Textures. Smells like heaven!


A Demonstration of how to use Curlformers.


The celeb Debra Chosen 🙂


Yours Truly




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