Unapologetic 4

It’s a been a while folks, but there were some issues I’ve been thinking about lately that I wanted to gist with you all.

You Only Get One Shot

I’m going to confess my sins right now and say that I have betrayed the vow I took some one or two years ago, never to get swallowed up in the crying/predictable/long and weekend-consuming vortex that is X Factor again. It seems the slightly adjusted and more original format this year proved too intriguing to resist, and admittedly at least since boot camp, I’ve kept up with every episode.

Now that that’s done, I just want to raise a few things. What a bunch of mewing cry-babies there are on the show this year! The amount of possibly crocodile/genuine under pressure rivers of Jordan that have been shed, would put a day centre nursery to shame. It’s like it’s now no longer enough to hear ‘This is my whole life” 50 million times throughout the show, it must now be backed up by unattractive contorted faces, sobs, and apparently weak lower limbs which keep collapsing to the ground like marshmallow (with a few twerks added in for good measure) every time a decision is made and it GOES THEIR WAY. I’ve been appalled at the amount of grown-ass men and women who have not minded bawling their way through a show watched by millions across the nation, to the point I started jumping and screaming at my TV “MAN THE HECK UP! MAN UP!”.

Then we have the “visa issues”. My goodness gracious. It seemed like X Factor this year is the year of immigration complications, with at least two contestants being prevented from going to judges houses because of “visa issues”. Now this doesn’t mean they were illegal immigrants, in fact sources have pointed to previous convictions preventing the travel of these contestants. I don’t know which sounds more dodgy to be honest. I sadly noted that these contestants were black, and reasonably or not, a little part of me died inside and wondered ‘Why always us?’. This brings me onto my next point; the intensity of the smear campaign against some of the best contestants in the show.

Now I’m not so hungry for a plot as to turn this into a racial issue, but it has to be noted that all the scandalous/sleazy stories coming out about contestants in the press last week, have been about the ethnic minority contestants. To be fair, I think that is largely due to the high proportion of black and ethnic minority ethnic finalists in the show this year. Unprecedented levels. And it’s been everything to Yardie associations, gang crime, assault, battery and gun charges, to porn, drugs, and having relatives in jail for murders. Oh yes. Guilty by association is very much a viable reason for dragging an innocent person’s name through the mud in the national press. Yet again, I have found a little part of me dying inside.

Now to put it into context, these allegations are coming from notoriously, corrupt, vile, low-down, scumbag press such as the Daily Mail and the Mirror. But, as we all know, those papers are the most popular in this country, feeding the ignorance of stupid idiots on a daily basis, and fuelling their distaste for anything other than white middle-class and above. It just highly irritated me to see these stories, as here are a bunch of young people, who have mostly alluded to difficult pasts throughout the process, utilising some of the talents God gave them to push towards a better future (although whether that actually happens through the process of X Factor is a story for another day. Let’s just run with it for now), being targeted in calculated attacks to make the population judge them, look down on them, and dismiss them as nobodies that will never change. It really shows the moral bankruptcy of these papers that instead of giving these people the benefit of the doubt, they would rather drag human beings, who mostly have been told they would be nothing in their lives, even further down, to crush them completely in the public’s eye until they fulfil the curses that have been said over their lives. It disgusts me that we can live in a country where the freedom of speech is abused to the point of deliberately casting people down, when they have the power to lift people up and facilitate them being productive members of society. It’s an endemic and corrupt cultural aspect of this nation that is rotting it from the inside out. People make mistakes. Especially young people. People can, and do change. So yes these stories sell in the short run…but what about the long-term effects of destroying the sensibilities and humanity of the nation? There is little to no responsible writing in press these days, a lot of hypocrisy, and it pisses me off. If you looked into the lives of half the people writing these things…hah. Stones. Glass houses. Pot. Kettle. Black.


Following this story has been an interesting one for me. I don’t usually get too invested in the politics of across the pond, but I was intrigued by this hashtag I kept seeing on social media, looked into it, and realised that the world is on the brink of an apocalypse!

Okay. Maybe, that’s a tad bit dramatic, but it’s a very serious state that threatens the stability of the US market, ergo the world market, as so many countries markets have dependency on the US market and its consumers.

I would explain the shutdown, but honestly there’s Google for that. The part that matters the most, is the fact that due to stubborn Republicans’ dislike of the Affordable Care Act “Obamacare”, they are refusing to pass a new budget until their demands regarding “Obamacare” are met. As it happens, the US will default on its hefty debt on October 17th 2013, if the US government does not raise its debt ceiling. What does this mean in real terms? If the US defaults on its debt, it will sink it into a recession, which in turn would trigger a financial crisis for the rest of the world. It is even being predicted that this financial crisis could be worse than that of 2008. Now y’all know how we’re basically still just trying to get through and out of that recession. Such a serious blow at a time when decent financial stability and health worldwide has not been met yet, could herald grave times ahead.

To think that Republicans in the US can hold the government hostage to their demands like this, with no thought and concern to huge domestic debt, is outrageous. To clarify, the bill is already in place, much of it started to take effect as of October 1st 2013, but what Republicans are basically pushing for is for it’s full effect to be delayed. It was validated in the Supreme Court over a year ago and has undergone 40+ votes since it was passed on whether to reject it or stop its funding. It is basically here to stay. But Republicans are willing to jeopardise the stability of the US, and therefore the stability of world markets, due to political theological differences on the benefits of the act. Is that not madness? Furthermore right now, thousands of people are not able to work and earn wages as long as this shutdown is in place. Any decent article on this issue will breakdown the broad depth of services being affected by this.

To me this is possibly one of the most renegade political ploys by a Western government I’ve seen in my life. It smacks of tactics used by ‘other’ governments the US so often likes to project being superior too. It reinforces the notions of politicians as self-advancing wastrels more concerned with the retention of factional political power and clout, than the actual needs and wants of the nation. These are the kind of politicians who make demands that equate to ‘My way, or the highway’. Even though it is not happening in the country within which I reside, I find it concerning that the “leaders of the free world” cannot mobilise themselves for the good of their own nation, and are willing to risk dire consequences domestically and internationally, on a bill that endured the democratic process, and is essentially already written in stone. The US government prides itself as world leaders in many respects, especially in democracy, but for me this episode very much calls into question its right to that title, and the significant trust and reliance many foreign governments put in its systems. October 17th 2013 will be a very interesting day. I hope for the sake of people everywhere, this debt issue is resolved before then.

Yours Truly



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