I Am Not My Hair

Apologies in advance for the fact you probably think this post is about how someone has judged me on the basis of my hair. I could never really write more than a few lines on such an overdone topic to be honest. Not because I am superior to the many others doing such, but merely because I couldn’t give a monkey’s what people think of my hair.

I am relaxed and proud. At times I am relaxed with barbarian worthy regrowth (still proud), or with hair up in braids which are the wrong side of turning into dreadlocks (and still proud), or in a weave that might actually, possibly, very likely, be giving virgin hair a bad name (YUP. STILL PROUD), nevertheless, people’s opinions on it outside of my own? Pfft. *watches bale of hay roll by*

Life is far too short for the opinions of zealots on either side of the tracks (Naturals, Relaxed Massive, Weave Devotees), to be influencing or even dictating to me, how I should wear my hair. If it’s not on your head, you don’t get a say. Tra la freaking la. Obviously if you’re a good friend though, and I’m letting standard drop far too low to the point where people are beginning to question is that a human being coming towards them or Rafiki, you have my unwritten permission to steer me in the direction of a good afro hair salon. With affordable prices. Every day can’t be a laid-like-Gabrielle-Union day. (*sidenote* It must be exhausting being that beautiful 24/7. Like seriously. How does she manage? Why does she has instagram? She doesn’t need the likes. She should share them with her followers. How can much gassed can you get when you’re receiving 2000 likes per picture? I need someone to explain to me how my double tap and adding one more will tangibly add to her life.

I kid. I play. Gabby is blessed yo.)

Now that I’ve got that little perambulation of the way, this is why what I will be speaking about next fills me with such excitement, genuine appreciation, and joy.

So imagine there was a resource that was completely unbiased in its catering to Afro hair & beauty whims, fashions and styles of men & women…that celebrated our prerogatives, collated where we choose to indulge in our prerogatives, gave us useful and tongue-in-cheek-tips to maintaining our hair & beauty whichever prerogative we run with, got us interacting with each other in non-confrontational/judgmental ways on our styles, a place we could go to check who’s the most anointed at all this stuff and who you may just well need to passover, and just had some dope ass graphics visuals all round…

…wouldn’t that be amazing?

Well…basically…it now exists!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the brainwave to come up with the idea, but regardless, all I have is LOVE for Style My Fro who launched a new website today – www.stylemyfro.co.uk. It contains all the above and more. It’s fun, youthful, quirky, and most importantly, it’s the UK’s No. 1 Style Directory for Afro and Beauty Hair.


I wouldn’t want to do the dishonour of not describing Style My Fro properly, so make sure you check out their About Me page which gives a bit more detail about the areas of Afro hair & beauty the site covers. After you finish reading that, do have a browse…one particular page that impressed me was ‘Fro Social, the interactive page with Style My Fro’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds all integrated together in a really cool interactive image map. Awesome. The most significant feature of the site however is most definitely that it enables you to find afro salons in the UK (with the relevant contact details), and enables you to give feedback. This is great for users as it helps us to spend our money wisely on top quality Afro hair and beauty services, and is useful for the businesses listed too as it enables constructive criticism, exposure, business reputability and growth. A win win all round.

So basically ladies, next time you find afro salons and get your hair laid like Gabby, or get your nails looking like you grow shellac naturally from your fingers, or get made up not so you look like an entirely different individual (O_O), but like a non-African photoshopped version of yourself, you know where to go to drop your reviews. If you have a great experience, don’t be a crab in the bucket and keep it to yourself, share it :). And fellas, next time you get a ‘legendary trim’, or a cut where the barber has respected your hairlines and all the possible drawbacks a major screw up of that could potentially lead to in terms of plummeting self-esteem, self-pitying Drake tweets/Facebook posts, and suicidal thoughts, shout them out and rate them there too. Let’s help each other look all look as fine as all the cast in The Best Man did (That film is why Nia Long and Taye Diggs can never ever be disrespected in life. Ever.).

Follow Style My Fro on:

Website: www.stylemyfro.co.uk

Twitter: @StyleMyFroUK

Facebook: Style My Fro

Instagram: @StyleMyFro

Yours Truly



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