Southbank World Food Festival

First and foremost, I’d just like to say I will be resuming my more current-affairs/opinion-based posts again after this temporary foray into more lifestyle-ish posts. I’m just thinking of topics that will encourage conversation, yet invite minimal stress into my life with that treasured section of society who love to challenge every opinion/thought to death. Ain’t nobody got time for that…but I’m still going to say what I have to say.


Over Bank Holiday weekend, I went to the World Food Festival at the Southbank Centre with friends (and as it happens fellow bloggers – check out their blogs A’ppetizer and Practical PKU). We each had different motives for going to the festival: admittedly I was pretty much there only to stuff my face and take some shots of pretty or unique looking food, A’ppetizer was there to look for some inspiration for the A’ppetizer hamper giveaway competition, and Practical PKU was there to find food that could be good for people who have PKU.

Anyway my intent with this post was not really to waffle on about it, more share some shots from the day. It was a really fun day out, full of trying lots of different foods, cider, cakes, buying, sampling, and falling in love with unique food products.

Here’s what the day looked like in pictures:-

En route…


The people dem’…


Stall cooking and selling Caribbean Chicken Curry (left pan), mildly spiced Chicken Curry (middle – can’t remember the name of it), and hot Cajun Chicken Curry (on the right but not in the picture). All three of us got the Caribbean Chicken later on. I did taste the Cajun Chicken though and enjoyed it, but decided not to go with it as I’m not really one to play Russian Roulette with my stomach and peppery street food.




This guy was on a stall selling Chicken and Taragon sausages that were so tasty. I’d eat them over Pork any day. He was quite a character too…as you can see…


Father and son enjoying Chicken and Taragon hotdogs…




Vegan Falafel. I bought one of these. It was nice for about 2 bites. After that it got lost somewhere in my bag in a brown paper bag…


The AMAZING discovery of the day; Passion Fruit Curd – sensational. When we all tasted it, there was a respectful 30 seconds of silence for the greatness of this product. The other flavours on the day were Banana and Raspberry…however we later found out that Passion Fruit was the only legitimate flavour of The Cherry Tree franchise *ahem* (oyinbo 419). Regardless, the Banana counterfeit was delicious too, and I hate banana flavoured things (I like the fruit though). The Raspberry one was just like jam to be honest.


Chicken cooking for the Spanish Paella…


I’ve been in Carrot Cake withdrawal for months, so obviously when I saw this, I sprayed that silly amount of money #DappyNoRegrets. It was yum.


Another highlight of the day had to be trying out this Kanye Western Mac and Cheese. We decided to share one between us due to the fact we had plans to get turnt up on the chicken curries, not to mention the cakes and dainties and cider already consumed. I’ve never really got the hype around this dish, but I really liked this twist. Very nice.


The final indulgence of the day…Caribbean Chicken Curry. Far, far, superior to the bone infested portions that you get at Caribbean take-aways. Sorry, I just have to be real. There was enough chicken in this to construct 3 Caribbean shop portions. And it was pure meat. No bones. Hal-ley-lu-jah.


That’s a few of the things we saw and ate. I highly recommend going to the next one. Or just going to Southbank any weekend. What do I mean? Well…er…we kind of discovered towards the end that the section we spent most time in, was actually the regular weekend food market, lol. We did go to the actual Food Festival as well, however it was a lot more scanty than any of us were expecting. Oh well, YOLO.

Yours Truly



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