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No faffing around this time about the concept of afternoon tea versus the reality and where to get the deals. Y’all should know that by now. If perchance though you missed out on the last post, update yourself here.

Now to the nitty gritty.

Courtesy of Travelzoo, myself and a friend visited Momo restaurant this past weekend for a touch of Moroccan Afternoon Tea. I’ll admit I was marginally apprehensive due to my last recent experience of a less than impressive afternoon tea, and because I have no idea what Moroccan food is like. I am someone who is deeply hesitant about trying new food; in fact it almost has to be by force to get me to veer off my usual regimes. I thought to myself, if it includes things like Turkish Delight (to me that was a very reasonable assumption to make. Don’t judge me. I am actually fantastic at geography), I’m not going to like it. So that was my one prayer really going into the place – let there be no Turkish Delight.

Seems like that prayer reached the pearly gates. Read on after the pictures to get the review:











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Rudimental Bits (marks out of 10)

Location: 7/10 – Admittedly there was a period of about 15 minutes we spent trying to locate the restaurant. However that was almost likely everything to do with the general inefficiency of Journey Planner to provide descriptive enough maps, the error of Apple in replacing Google maps with the present garbage, and absolutely nothing to do with us not knowing how to find a side street off Regent Street. Honestly the place was in the most tucked away conclave, Heddon Street. It was really quaint though. But who cares about that anyway…we were there to eat. Easily accessible from Piccadilly Circus Tube though.

Décor: 10/10 – This was so fabulous. Really beautiful lamps overhung the area in which we were seated. We were not actually seated in the main restaurant, but a large room next door with wall-to-wall sofas swamped with comfy cushions, comfortable decorative stools, gold-look tray-tables which were firm. There was a really opulent Persian feel to the place. Ironically enough, the plates and teacups used were probably the most stereotypically English tea-like ones I’ve ever been provided with at afternoon tea. They really looked like fine china.

Service: 9/10 – We had really attentive waiters who seated us quickly and with no drama, brought the tea choices quickly and were friendly. It would have been 10/10 if they hadn’t accidentally provided us with an extra basket of scones. It’s not like we could have finished it at all to be honest, but still…it’s selling people a dream.

Tea selection: 9/10 – Almost flying colours. You should be able to see from one of the pictures above, the menu of teas we had to choose from. Our my partner in crime’s chosen flavour of beverage for that day was Comcubines Tea (Spelt correctly. Totally forgot to ask what the story was behind that). The reason why this was not 10, was because after tasting it and re-consulting the mini manifesto of promised flavours on the menu, in my personal opinion it wasn’t much different from PG Tips sans milk with a hint of some ‘other’ taste. My partner in crime requested some honey to mix with it though (provided promptly), which made it taste sweeter.

Cake/Sandwiches selection: 10/10 – My goodness. Amazing. Literally. Firstly, the quantity of food provided was more than enough. By the time we had made it to the penultimate layer, we had about a 30-45 minute rest before attacking it. Even then, we barely finished it. We just had no more stomach for it, and due to the sweetness of everything we had tasted up till then, eating more quite sweet Moroccan delicacies was a bit much. I wish I had had the presence of mind to photograph the food menu, because describing what we ate is pretty much impossible. We communally agreed though that the bottom layer of the basket/wrung thing was the best – some kind of Chicken wrap and pastry filled with cheese and something fabulous. The scones were absolutely divine as well – wholemeal ones (which I’d never heard of or had), and the texture was just right. With the jam and cream on top, they were all that and a bag of chips. The one nod of homage to traditional afternoon tea sandwiches, were the tiny toasted breads with salmon inbetween. To be honest with you, there’s only so many times crustless sandwiches cut into mini oblongs can impress you, so this was a very creative and tasty remix.


I highly recommend visiting Momo’s for some Moroccan Afternoon Tea for all the reasons above. It is quite reasonably priced even if you are not going there on a deal – various prices for different combinations of food. Personally I’ve already planned my revisit. I’d be surprised if anyone did not enjoy it.

Yours Truly



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