Freewrites 3

The way I see it is they force feed us with these images, these desires, these wants, these illusions of success, wealth, happiness, power and liberated sexuality.
Some of us swallow it, we grab it like haggard and starved creatures grasping for salvation, any salvation. We eat and await fullness, but the fullness never comes. If anything we feel more hungry after.

But we want it. We want it so bad. We’d do anything to get it. Our precious.

Others of us it chokes us, chokes us into submission. We see and we know the end result will be futile, but the spirit is willing and the flesh is weak. And once under it, it conquers us like a drug. We’re drugged, and we know it but sometimes we just don’t care.

And then it’s gets so bad. It gets really bad. There’s a lot of pain, a lot of suffering. We’ve become cannibals. Who’s gonna stop us? Who will stop this cataclysmic descent into torture, sadism and violence? Savage acts unhindered, tongues leaden with the weight of lies, thoughts dipped in the poison of generational decadence and malice, blood, blood, blood, how much blood has to run through the streets? And we’re crying now. Wails like the foundations of a house resisting upheaval in a hurricane. We’re crying for someone to help us. To show us the way.

And then they come. They come like golden angels, surrounded by clouds of majesty, on snowy white horses, all for one and one for all. They have the solution they say. They know what to do. All we have to do is listen. All we have to do is let them handle it. And because throats have cracked with the silt of hoarse cries that fell on deaf ears, because the losses have torn asunder legions of hearts, because the grief has danced like an elephant on our backs, because it never seems to stop…we say okay.

We say yes to their draconian measures masked as rescue, we say yes to the appropriation of our bodies and souls at no cost to them, we say yes and we keep saying yes, and they look so compassionate. They are so helpful. But underneath it all is the blackest of hearts, the vilest of intentions, the concealment of a long-awaited and orchestrated victory to usher what had been planned in ages past.

A new era of horrors unimaginable to the present. Oppression, subjugation, and totalitarianism.

Ultimate control, ultimate power, ultimate gain.

As soon as it begins we realise our folly. Horror and fear race up our throats like vomit.

But it’s too late. It’s too late to take back our covenant.

The covenant we sealed with our blood, our tears.

And they smile at us. The brightest smiles, the widest smiles, the most cunning smiles, because our deception was so simple. So so so simple. Ensnared by our own greed, licentiousness, envy, jealousy, anger, hedonism and pride, we have got what we really deserve….the true payment for our sins.

We are being repaid.
We asked them to save us.
And this was their solution.
And is it not correct?

Yours Truly



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