The No Apology Chronology


I knew I wanted to reflect on the passing of 2010 into 2011, but didn’t really know how I was going to do that. Then it struck me how a timeline or a chronology is often the best way of identifying and remembering significant events that have occurred. For me personally, I really wanted to reflect some of the things I have generally experienced and observed in my life, friends lives, as well as in the world in general as a means of providing  a source of reflection and encouragement for the new year. Thus, I came to the natural conclusion that a poem was the best medium in which to do this, as opposed to boring you with a list *yawn*, the majority of which you could happily access on Wikipedia *fun times*, or a blog the size of a dissertation which it would necessarily be, to cover the whole year 0_0.

The title derives from the fact that people don’t always like what you have to say, or how you say it, especially when it comes to matters of faith and Christianity. Truly, I try not to trouble myself with that, which is why I am not apologising for the content of this poem. This is the year 2010, merely the way I have observed it, and these are my humble offerings.

I dare to hope that someone will relate to some of this. If not, it’s been like free therapy for me anyway, so it’s all good! 😀

Happy New Year! God bless you!

Yours Truly xx

The year begins,

In mental, emotional and spiritual tussling,

Heart like a 10 tonne lead weight,

Tossed to the bottom of a great big lake

Get these chains off of me for goodness sake!

Prayer and praise the only meals I take

A prisoner of ideals and laws that are man-made.

The Saviour steps in and leads me through the hostile gate

No looking back now, emancipation is on the way…


…though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death I will fear no evil.

Death a recent familiar friend,

Rises up again.

But I have no more tears to cry.

They were all shed in 2009.

All I can do is observe it, like some distant interesting thing that is happening …

…Death O Death,

Where is your sting?

Death, were you bored?

When for 69 torturous days,

You decided to tease 33 miners within your earthen doors?

Because your complacency meant that they just ended up praising the Lord…

…The Lord, The King,

Now featuring as more than an invisible thing,

Or the figment of millions of proletariat imaginings.

Coming soon, to an earth near you!

Preview screenings available in the midst of worship…

…Increased worship.

Of the ‘stars’ whose glory illuminate their faulty paths like a road covered in black tar,

Melting in the sun,

Revealing the sickly stench of their corruption,

And the flimsily plastered deficit pot-holes of their moral bankruptcy,

Yet they still LIVE to convince you and me,

That where they are is the most WONDERFUL place to be,

Swirling, parading, gyrating their hypocrisies away,

Their band-aid solutions leading vulnerable others astray,

Gosh, will there ever be a day, when one of them will tear off the plaster, reveal the wound, just be honest and say…

‘I am hurt, and I am LOST. I desperately need grace to abound. I NEED to be found’


Not today.

Not this year.

More sex, more drugs, more rock and roll,

Is the 2010 paracetomol…

…That some of you willingly take!

But it will never relieve you of that raging headache,

Of self-doubt, insecurity, and fear of insignificance,

The fear of being more invisible that the God you might serve.

This headache was previously a Richter scale 2,

But your misguided attempts to hold your broken parts together with counterfeit glue,

(as are all solutions that exclude God who is able to make you whole, as new!),

Means your patchwork improvements have biodegraded and upgraded, your headache to a Richter scale 8 earthquake…

…Catastrophic earthquake.

The Haiti Earthquake.

The earth trembled and a nation was brought to its knees,

Before God.

They flee!

Who flees!?They flee! Where to?

The streets, the shanties, death and destruction all around,


What is that sound?

A weary voice speaks and it says ‘I’m alright sort of…I talked only to my boss – God – and I didn’t need any more humans’.

The voice of a 69-year-old woman who was rescued,

Another man whose 2-year-old son was pulled out of the rubble says ‘Thankyou…

… Lord. You have given me my son back.’

Another voice still, proclaims it ‘a miracle of God’ that she was pulled out alive.

Many voices. One God.

Immense Faith in the depths of devastation.

Lives ebbing away at every salutation of the Sun,

Yet The Son, was still magnified, glorified, shining bright enough to pierce every dark cloud of disruption…

…Mass disruption.

In the form of the ash cloud from a volcano in Iceland.

No gratefulness for averted destruction, just irritation,

That our very important lives were being put on hold by mere eruptions,

What a contrast to the humble forbearance of the Haitians…

‘He gives, and He takes away’

For them, more dark days,

More disease, more death,

As cholera finishes off what was left.

So much more, changing governments, student riots, threats of imminent war,

Havoc galore.

Bombs flying across borders,

Fundamentally based on a difference of opinions,

Opinions that won’t matter when His Kingdom…


Was there any Good News?

Must have been, but that doesn’t sell papers of increase TV ratings,

That doesn’t promote the agenda of the enemy to steal our hope, kill our dreams, and destroy our soul!

‘Oh no!’ says the enemy, ‘Don’t let the people know!’ For,

How can they call on the One they have not believed in?

How can they believe in the One of whom they haven’t heard?

How can they hear without someone preaching to them?

And how can they be preached to unless they are sent?…


You are sent. I am sent. We are sent.

Let’s go!

Let us bring some good news.

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News!

Let us be the one to share a new old story, not like Wikileaks, but reveal ALL His glory,

Like the Haitians in this chronology,

Making no apology, for replacing the manipulative, falsely representative, negative, and gory bombardments of our lost and suffering society.

The Bad News will eventually come to an end.

Farewell 2010.


One thought on “The No Apology Chronology

  1. This is SO powerful. The kind of poem that should be recited at poetry events. In fact I’ve just had a mental picture of you standing in front of a crowd and reading it with so much soul and expression!! haha!
    No but seriously it was quite a traumatic year, but let us continue to shine the light of God amidst the chaos. That’s what we’re called to do.

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