Guess Who


I wrote this poem about a year and a half ago, as a fun interlude in a very tedious situation. See if you can guess what I am talking about before you get to the end.

Enjoy! 😉  xxx

I hated you at first.

The way you used to intrude on my thoughts.

Telling me where I was going as if I didn’t know or needed you to remind me again and again.

‘What a pest!’ I thought.

I wanted to tell you to ‘Shut UP!’ but I knew that would be pointless. You’d only speak again and again, and again, reminding me of my failure to accept Modernism in all its manifestations.

But then I learned how to tune you out of my mind,

To ignore the monotone rhyme of your repetitive lines, intending to command my attention and subsequently…my respect.

I didn’t plan it,

It kind of just happened,

That one day I realised that your daily offensive song,

Wasn’t on my mental playlist anymore,

and I silently CHEERED for joy…

…until the day I fell asleep and almost missed my destination!

But as always, you were there to remind me of my location,

And with heartfelt salutation,

I gave thanks for the revelation,

that you are actually here for my own GOOD!

For the first time I saw,

That investment in you had opened new horizons, new possibilities and new doors, for the average public transport battery victim.

I realised you gave me the opportunity to sit back, relax, and unwind,

Free, my mind,

Of the daily clutter that collects and can infect,

What is meant to be the best part of the day…


Now I am free to close my eyes,

Shut out the annoying intruders of my mind,

Even dose lightly in this new state of mine,

Because I know without a shadow of a doubt,

With a monotone yet not too loud a shout,


my Bus Stop Herald,

Will surely never let me miss where I need to get out!!


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