Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was a woman. She had many talents (or at least people kept telling her that. Only some though), but she did not really know what to do with them. Year after year she would flip from one to the next, becoming very good at what she did, but just falling short of greatness. Till one day she decided to take her future into her hands; she decided to take a step of faith, so to speak, and show these talents to the world.

She was apprehensive, she was doubtful, she was scared, but even more strongly, she was EMPOWERED. Once the decision had been made, freedom sang like a bird in her chest, zeal and hunger and purpose flooded her entire being all at once; she was finally melting the cast iron shackles that had been on her hands and feet for so long…..and it felt good.

In that moment she decided that nothing would stop her. Nothing would stop her from displaying her God-given talent like the peacock she was intended to be, and not the chicken. She was not cocky, she was not arrogant, she knew that she was not invincible or the only one who could do these things, but at the same time she realised that she had her calling too, and that this was something that she had to do.

She…is me.

And so I introduce myself, The Commentator; a poet, a writer, an observer, and most potently a satirical commentator on the ludicrous ills of current society.

As, hopefully you can see, this blog promises to be full of a lot of tongue in cheek, satire and humour. Not to say that I’m not a serious person who does not know how to discourse on serious issues such as the current economic climate, and the impact the current coalition government will have on British politics in the next five years…


….but don’t expect a lot of that. My main vision is to portray modern life as I encounter and see it; a very whirlpool of humour, the ridiculous, tragedy, birth and triumph.

I see….I speak.

I am The Commentator.

However, I will say that a short story, or a poem might pop up every once in a while in order to maintain a balance of sensibility (not saying I’m not sensible. I am very sensible. I am noted for my sensibility. Can I get a witness? *epic silence*).


I humbly beseech you to read this blog….and then tell somebody else about it, as I really would like a legacy to pass on (this might be my only shot. Help a sister out). Oh, and comments would be awesome too.

I promise to update this blog regularly, or in a decent amount of time  (*disclaimer* I half-promise; only because I am human and as a human am therefore subject to fallibility, therefore any promises or vows made with the deepest sincerity at a particular moment in time are liable to turn out to be false in the course of time, due to the intrinsic fallibility of my human nature. But sometimes promises can be kept, which is why my promise is a half-promise 😉 )


I dedicate this blog to my inspirations, the King of Kings Jehovah, who gave me the ability to write in the first place, and the kings of 17th and 18th century satire (in my personal opinion anyway) Jonathan Swift and Alexander Pope (if  you think you know scandal and satire now? It’s nothing compared to when these guys were around).

Now…before I bore you to death(in the first blog at that), I sign out.

Stay blessed, and keep being a blessing mi amigos!



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